One of the first blogs we published was on work happiness.  Melissa Lim shared her thoughts on the importance of this and how it can shape career decisions.  She asks “is it possible to combine something you would love to do every day, with something that pays well and that you’re good at?”

Fast forward six months, and I find myself sitting on a sunny terrace with the CFO of Leesman as he describes how the Leesman Index measures & benchmarks employee experience, with the emphasis squarely on workplace.  Their website describes the Index as a “global business intelligence tool that captures employee feedback on how effectively the workplace supports them and their work” – Divyang likens it to an x-ray of the building, with Leesman acting as a radiographer of sorts.

Once employee feedback is collated, Leesman provides clients with the tools to translate data into valuable insights. In turn, this helps senior leaders to make informed choices when it comes to developing workplace strategies.

I’ve experienced a range of different workplace environments during the course of my career.  When I launched Hertalis, I had the chance to build on my experiences & create something that suited our collaborative ethos.  We work remotely and flexibly, using a range of communications tools to ensure we can stay in touch with our clients & one another.   Our co-working membership allows access to open plan workspaces across London, which keeps things interesting, and we actively encourage at least one home-based day per week to make sure everyone gets uninterrupted ‘heads down’ time.

Hertalis is much smaller than the average Leesman client, yet I can’t help wondering how we’d score on the Leesman Index.  Will this arrangement still be optimal as we continue to grow?  Having visited Leesman’s London HQ, I now have some serious workplace envy.  They have put a lot of thought into how their office is laid out, making creative use of the space and providing opportunities for both collaboration & focused work. 

I think back to Melissa’s post on work happiness – working with innovative clients like Leesman is without a doubt, one of the best parts of my job.

Hertalis is delighted to be partnering with Leesman to support their business growth. For more information please email or get in touch on LinkedIn

What would make your workplace more effective? – Liz

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