Unlock the potential of your team

Successful teams enable thriving businesses.
Use a team healthcheck to learn more about your people and create effective teams.  Understanding your team’s strengths & weaknesses will empower positive change and result in a greater return on your original investment.
To unlock the potential of your team, our healthcheck harnesses strengths data to acknowledge differences and similarities in ways of working.  Then, we use this to make recommendations on how to build successful working relationships and enhance the team dynamic.
How will a healthcheck empower your team? 
  • If you’re embarking on a change programme, now is the time to lay solid foundations and make sure your team know one another’s strengths.  A team healthcheck will uncover where each person will be able to shine as well as flagging any areas where support will be needed
  • During an acquisition or merger, use a healthcheck to assess the capability of senior managers.  Hertalis can help you look at leadership teams of both businesses and understand the impact of bringing these together
  • If your senior team has experienced turnover, it may affect the dynamic.  Once new joiners are in place, use a team healthcheck to help reset ways of working and encourage fresh thinking.
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