Businesses are powered by people

Discover a simpler way to recruit. 
Founded on executive search principles, our recruitment service helps companies of every shape & size discover the very best talent.
Whether you’re opening a new office, building a team or looking to import specific skills, we can deliver recruitment campaigns for single or multiple hires.
How is Hertalis redefining resourcing? 
  • We use search methodology to identify prospective candidates rather than relying on advertising.  So, you can access a more diverse range of candidates, including people not actively looking for a new role
  • Our fee structure is unique.  Work with us on an exclusive basis and benefit from hiring fees calculated from the time spent on work undertaken, rather than commission per hire. We developed this model in response to client feedback and believe it’s a good balance of simplicity and transparency
  • Our team complete rigorous training and are skilled at working in a 360º people consulting role.  This means their level of engagement & professionalism is much higher than a typical agency recruiter
  • By employing smart technology to streamline the process, our team can focus on our clients and our costs remain competitive.
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