UK hiring partner for US tech firm

Hertalis partnered with Altvia to support the opening of a new London office.

Altvia is a private equity technology specialist, headquartered in the US.  They engaged Hertalis to run a search for a senior consultant who would join the new London team.

We mapped out the market and identified a longlist of possible candidates, before headhunting those who most closely fitted the brief.

Altvia engaged Hertalis to advise on a review of employment documentation, helping to translate the existing US templates into a pack that would be compliant with UK HR legislation.

We worked closely with Altvia’s VP of People and Internal Operations to review the existing US employment contract and employee manual, auditing each section to highlight where changes would need to be made.

Our recommendations were collated into a final draft, which could then be checked by the client’s legal team and approved for use in the UK.

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