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Specialist resourcing & HR solutions for founders, funds & investors

We help founders, funds and investors navigate successfully through change and maximise investment in their people.
Together, we can enable your business to:
GROW  |  Hire new talent and embed them successfully within your organisation.
SHAPE  |  Empower your people to help them achieve their full potential.
RECALIBRATE  |  Support your leaders and teams through organisational changes.
Discover our specialist resourcing & HR solutions for founders, funds and investors:
Team Healthcheck

Team Healthcheck

HR projects change and transformation


Coaching by Hertalis


Recruit top talent


You’re in good company.
We work with individuals, leaders and teams from some of the best and brightest companies around.
Boom Cycle
Redefining resourcing
Discover a simpler way to recruit.  Founded on executive search principles, our service helps companies of every shape & size find talent to join their growing team.
Unlock potential
Book in for a team healthcheck and learn how to harness the value of your people more effectively. Also available as a due diligence exercise pre- or post-investment.
Support through change
If your company is restructuring, Hertalis can help support employees transitioning to new roles.  Build confidence through coaching and provide key skills training.

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